Buying used

I’ve bought my share of used things the past few years, but never used shoes. Until now.

My daughter and I recently went on a quest for dress shoes. We went to our local used store and had a ton of fun (I almost felt like I owed the store a few bucks for the entertainment).

Entertainment? Sure. Trying on used shoes is fun. You don’t have to wait to see if they have your shoe size. Instead, any shoe you see is fair game. Stilettos. Clogs covered in beads. Biker boots. Ever wonder what it feels like to walk in someone else’s shoes? No need to wonder, you can find out instantly! 

My daughter tried on nearly every size six shoe. Some she tried on seriously – as in “Mom can I get these.” And others she tried on just for fun (she knew stilettos were out).  

We spent a good half hour trying on shoes. Naysayers might jump in and say that used shoes are not a good idea. Used shoes have molded to someone else’s tootsies and won’t fit your tootsies properly.


However, I’ve been thinking about getting a boot-like shoe and this one is quite nice. 

Cost? 10 bucks.

My new used boots appear to be lightly worn, so hopefully they haven’t molded to someone else’s foot.

I’ve worn these boots three times and they’re comfortable (for a dress shoe).

Not sure I’m ready to buy used everyday shoes, but used dress shoes? Sure. I wear dress shoes infrequently and don’t feel compelled to spend big. 

Buying used saves you money and saves resources (a win win).

Do you buy used? Used shoes anyone?


  1. We always start any shopping trip at a used/ or consignment clothing store. Shoes and coats are drastically cheaper and often still have tags in them! Many people buy items and then have buyers remorse and donate rather than return.

    • > often still have tags in them!

      Yes, I think we all occassionally buy things that don’t quite work out (things that don’t get worn or used). I’m getting better about passing these things along (sooner rather than later) – even if I spent good money on something.

      Use it or lose it.

  2. Yes, I often buy used shoes. Obviously I check for wear and I only buy things that are gently used. But you’ll often find that shoes might get worn once or twice, not fit quite right and then get donated.
    I’ll always consider buying used over new, you never know what you’ll find.
    Cute shoes, BTW :)

  3. I bought the best work shoes I have ever owned from the local Goodwill last fall, and like them more all the time. That said, I have also bought shoes that I never could wear comfortably from the Goodwill, and ended up taking them back. It cost me less than doing the same thing with brand new shoes that I never could break in, so I will keep trying on used shoes, and once in a while buying them too.

    • Hi AJ,

      Shoes can be a gamble. It’s hard to know in advance how they will feel at the end of the day. I like that used shoes are a smaller gamble (and oddly satisfying when a 10 dollar pair of shoes works out well).

  4. I shop for almost everything used including shoes. It not only saves the earth’s resources, but saves money too.

  5. I just bought my first pair of used shoes the other day. I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit leery of wearing shoes that someone else has worn (other people’s feet = eww!, but then again, my own feet = eww!) but I’ve cut my budget to the bone so I took a look at the shoe section when I was last at the thrift store. I was surprised to find a cute pair that didn’t look worn out. I don’t think I’ll be lucky enough to give up buying new shoes completely but I am certainly thankful that my clothing budget will live to see another day! :)

  6. Those are seriously cute shoes–and you know what? I often find that when I buy even new shoes, they don’t feel so comfy after a few hours of wear as they did when I first tried them. I’d consider it–in fact, I took a pair of used hiking boots from my mom, they are really comfortable!

  7. I used to love buying new shoes. Now I check out used ones first… and I’ve found some lovely ones – with price tags on. I also always check the soles to see if they’ve been worn a lot. Many haven’t…

    Cute shoes!

    • I love used shoes. I bought a pair of brown trouser shoes about 6 years ago…and they still look great.
      (pretty good for 10 bucks)
      I just bought some grey suede/black patent pumps for 6$…
      I love used cardigans…and dress slacks too. But not t shirts or tennys.
      I have donated my fair share of gently worn shoes, because I love new shoes too. :) but sometimes, they just don’t work and it is too late to return them. Hopefully they will work for someone else. (to whomever got my very very cute red patent kitten mocs…I hope you love them!!)

  8. I have a short, very wide foot (thank you, Daddy!) and find ANY shoe extremely hard to fit. My mother’s foot was close in mine to the length, although not so wide, and I have occasionally through the years tried on her shoes. No thanks. They HAD molded to her foot shape and felt funny and just “off” for me. Besides, there is the whole thing about how you can wash a used dress before wearing it but what are you going to do to clean the inside of a used shoe? Ick.

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