Frugal and fun party idea

My daughter became a Bat Mitzvah last weekend. Bat Mitzvah parties come in all sizes and flavors. We wanted to do something different and of course inexpensive.

I came up with an fun way for my daughter to celebrate with her friends – a photo scavenger hunt in downtown Seattle.

The mission: find and photograph as many scavenger list items as you can.

We had four teams of six teens and one amazing adult team leader per team. The team that photographed the most items (on the list), won a prize – OK, everyone got a prize, even if it was only a Hersey’s kiss.

We used public transportation to keep us together as a group and avoid parking fees. Most of the clues were in and around the Pike Place Market and Westlake Center. Some were fairly easy to find – like a stroller, a hot dog on a stick or an ice cream cone. But some proved to be more difficult – like a fish tank.

The winning team could not be shy. To find everything on the list you had to ask questions. Do you know where there’s a fish tank? Can I take a picture of you for a scavenger hunt?

After 1.5 hours of walking and sleuthing, we returned home together by bus and the sky gifted us heavy rain (remember this is Seattle).

We rendezvoused at our home to eat pizza and watch scavenger hunt pictures on our TV. A winning team was announced and the party was over.

The scavenger hunt was a big hit; a memorable event for a young woman turning 13 in Seattle.
Here are some things from our Seattle Scavenger Hunt:

A bench with someone you don’t know sitting on it, a fountain, leopard outfit, Pez dispenser, fish tank, slice of pizza, picture of everyone in your group wearing a hat, Elvis, a honey bucket, a flag, someone in your group with a fluffy white animal (most likely stuffed), a security camera, a blue rose, dog on a leash, something Hello Kitty, UW sweatshirt, a lightning bolt, Seattle postcard, a street performer, your group on a stage, an escalator or intertwined in a human knot…

You don’t need to spend much money to have a fabulous party.

Do you have a frugal and fun party idea?


4 thoughts on “Frugal and fun party idea

  1. Some of the Bat and Bar Mitzvah parties out here in LaLa land are INSANE. Seriously. $100,000 or more affairs. Perhaps those kids love it. I would have totally stressed out about something so huge and overwhelming at that age!

    Anyhoo, I love, love, love this idea. What a way to celebrate! I particularly love that the kids had to engage with strangers. Me thinks the happiest adults are those who are engaged in their communities. What a way to highlight that.

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