Simple wallets

I’ve had the same wallet for a decade. It’s pretty much indestructible.


Recently I stumbled upon a duct tape wallet that caught my eye.


These duct tape wallets are handmade in Methow Valley Washington by Brian Drye. I like these wallets because they’re handmade, thin, simple and unique. And for vegan-minded folks, they’re not made from leather. If you have your own design in mind, you can send it to Brian and he’ll let you know if it’s doable. Don’t want a design? You can order a basic brown duct tape wallet. Here’s a blue one:

Inside view of duct tape wallet

Like to keep things simple? It doesn’t get any simpler than this wallet.


This simple money-band lets you carry cash and cards, bundled together in your front pocket. If paying $5 for a strong perfectly sized rubber band seems outrageous, start looking for your own rubber band. My friend uses a regular ol’ rubber band that she wraps around her credit cards a couple times. It does the trick and costs nothing.

Any of these wallets should perform admirably and won’t bust your budget. To use these wallets, you will need to whittle down the cards you carry to the bare essentials.

Inside view of my metal wallet

Right now I carry 7 cards:

  • Visa 
  • Driver’s license
  • Gym membership
  • My insurance card
  • Starbucks discount card (could leave in my car)
  • ATM
  • My kid’s insurance card 

That’s it.

Try it yourself. Whittle down the number of cards you carry. How low can you go?


  1. I use a Mini Skinny wallet. I carry a few more things than you do:

    work ID
    bus pass
    driver’s license
    debit card
    insurance card
    a few stamps
    some folding money
    some coins

    and some cards I probably should get rid of:
    drug store discount card
    3 different buy-9-get-one free cards

    I chose the Skinny Mini because it can handle coins, something most of the ultra-thin wallets can’t (and a lot of my clothes don’t have pockets). It’s a very small coin area, though, so I have have to empty it frequently, which is a good thing.

  2. In my wallet:
    * Driver’s license
    * Joint checking check card (for my husband & I)
    * Personal “fun money” checking check card
    * Insurance card
    * Library card
    * Sometimes cash, but rarely

    I could probably just bring the personal check card and the library card when I need them, but it’s more hassle than not. When I get my library card replaced, I want to get the key ring size. I don’t even NEED it at all, since they can look my info up, but that takes their time and mine and ticks off people waiting behind me.

    While I could use our joint account for all purchases and transfer the money, this “keeps me honest” and makes keeping it straight much easier.

    Insurance card I don’t use much, but it’s one of those things that you never know if you’ll need.

    I also have a separate business card holder somewhere for discount cards, gift cards, etc. But I rarely use it because I don’t shop much anymore where I’d use those things.

    I’m very tempted to put my regular cards into a business card holder, but I like being able to show my i.d. with one hand — not that I need to very often, lol. Still, I’d like to see a business card holder or similar wallet with a clear i.d. slot. That’d be cool.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is one place I really need to simplify. My wallet is MASSIVE (think George Constanza on Seinfeld). Invariably, when I just throw a few things in a bag and take off without it, we go somewhere that I need to use a discount card- library, drugstore, supermarket, etc.

    I have so many cards I need, I don’t know how I’ll do it- but it must be done!

    Also, I keep a check register- it’s easier for me to keep track of my expenses that way. I guess that puts me back in the dark ages. I should really just use my online bank statement I suppose.

    I’m taking this as a challenge- it must be done! Thanks for the nudge. But I still can’t imagine using one of those tiny ones.

    Also- a question- what do you do with people’s business cards?

  4. Oh no, a George Constanza size wallet!

    I don’t collect many business cards in my ‘line of work’ – but if I did, I would take them home and type the info into Outlook. I also store some card like things (like punch cards) in the center console of my car.

    Best of luck on simplifying the ol’ wallet. You’ll feel so much lighter afterwards. I promise.

  5. Check out my invention called the Bandit Wallet –

    I invented the bandit because my rubber band wallet kept breaking! The bandit is made of durable, elastic fabric that is smooth on the outside and rubber on the inside. It grips as few as 3 cards and as many as 2″ worth.

    It does not stick in your pocket and you don’t have to worry about it breaking, like the rubber band.

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