Food waste: Wait, I’ll eat that

I scoured the fridge for dead food and found a pyrex container with leftover chicken and corn. Pyrex? Wiki says Pyrex is a glassware brand introduced by Corning in 1915. Brand name? I use glass and pyrex interchangeably. Oh and I didn’t capitalize Pyrex earlier. Oops! Funny how a brand can lose it’s oomph, like klennex, xerox, or ibm (OK, joking about IBM).

Food waste this week?


Chicken– Too much: I think these are remnants from a complete bird.  
CornToo much: I cooked corn on the cob and sheared it from the cob. Sacrilege I know, but my front teeth are less capable these days. Remember The Tooth book by Dr Seuss? “Teeth–they come in handy when you chew or smile”!
Cucumber– Wait!

While this cucumber is slimy, it’s not mushy. So out of the food waste pile it goes. A quick peeling, seeding, and it’s back in the eating game.


So that just leaves chicken and corn, which makes me think of the song Jimmy Crack Corn. Just what is cracking corn? “Cracking corn” is opening a bottle of corn liquor. Jimmy Crack Corn is a story of a slave’s master who died from the sting of a blue-tail fly, despite the slave’s vigilant fly-brushing efforts. Fascinating.

The Internet is simply amazing.

If you don’t see a food waste post from me next week, the slimy cucumber may be the culprit. Or maybe the cracked corn. 

Do you eat things on the edge of spoilage or play it safe?


  1. Oh my; you are really brave, peeling a slimy cucumber – I’m *very* impressed!

    I hope to see you around in full health next week LOL!

    Thanks for a great post and well done on your act of bravery :)

  2. Yeah I don’t think I could stomach the cucumber either. It would have hit the compost pile. I am lucky enough that we have an over abundance of cucumbers at my mother’s and she’s handing them out.

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