Frugal McDougall, A Rhyme For Our Times

While trolling the twittersphere, I stumbed upon this poem about our current econalypse. It was written by an unemployed aircraft mechanic and posted on a economics blog by Mish Shedlock.

Frugal McDougall is a saver who keeps saving despite being surrounded by overspending indebted neighbors. His neighbors spend and spend until everything blows up, housing values collapse, and the economy sputters. Hmmm. Sounds familiar. It’s truly a rhyme for our times.

Frugal McDougall, A Rhyme For Our Times by D Jones

Frugal McDougall worked very hard,
Bought things with cash and not credit cards,
And when it came to the things that he bought,
Things that he needed were all that he sought.

Once he was sure that his bills were all paid,
The money left over was carefully saved.
You see in the future he hoped to retire
And knew very well what that would require.

His neighbors were foolish and laden with greed.
They focused on wants instead of on needs.
They went out to dinner about every night.
When you’re middle class that’s one of your rights.

When they got their paychecks they spent every dime.
Having money left over would have been a crime.
Their credit was pushed to its uppermost limit,
When it came to debt they were very deep in it.

<Click here for the remaining stanzas>


Speaking of twitter… I’m FrugalDoogal on twitter. Look me up if you’re in the neighborhood.

Do you like the word econalypseEconalypse: A severe and rapid economic collapse. I think it’s clever – first coined in October 2008 at All Things Digital. How about econolaise? Econolaise: A stagnant economy, a combination of economy and malaise. First coined? Five minutes ago.

One comment

  1. It sure is the rhyme for our times. I have a friend who is constantly complaining to me about her financial situation and how “she doesn’t know what will happen, what she will do, etc.” I’m getting really tired of it. I know people are hurting and I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but I can point out the specific choices they made differently than my husband and I- much bigger house, never saving, buying a vacation home, good lord. Why am I supposed to feel sorry for her?

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