Letting go of stuff

I realize that having less stuff is a good thing. I’ve shut off the intake valve; I’m conscious about my purchases and make very few. However, to create the space that I want for myself and my family, I need to remove stuff.

Enter the garage sale.

I set a date and invited people to participate. With the date looming, my family assembled a large pile of things. The garage sale wasn’t wildly profitable, but it was rich in many other ways. I let go of things that I’ve been holding on to for various reasons. Here are a few of my silly reasons:

  • I got a great deal on it
  • It was a gift 
  • It’s my backup
  • It’s in great shape
  • I may need it someday
  • It was expensive 
  • I might wear it when I paint (I never paint)
  • It has sentimental value (the sentiment doesn’t leave with the item – photograph it or journal about it)

For me, I’m going with Use It or Lose It.

Now that I’ve removed a big round of stuff, I’m motivated to continue. When I open a cabinet or drawer I look for things that aren’t used. What can I get rid of? When I look at a room I look for things that are not beautiful or useful and remove them.

I love this quote from the Becoming Minimalist blog:

for me, minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things that i most value. it is about deciding what is most important in my life and removing the things that distract me from it.  it is about removing the urgent for the sake of the important.

And so I’ll keep removing things that distract me from what is most important in my life. I’ll continue to make space to create.

How about you? Do you find it easy to let go of stuff?


  1. Great quote! Yes, it’s about valueing the stuff we use the most, that gives us the most value. And for me, when I have too much stuff I lose track of the things I really value.

    I love the reason for not getting rid of something: “I might wear it to paint.” That made me laugh. I had so many old clothes for painting or camping, I finally realized that if I do each of those activities once a year, one old outfit is plenty!

    I also save tons of clothes because “I might use them for a costume.” The thing is that it’s true, but again only a few of the items end up getting used that way. Luckily, these things are stored in a cabinet in the basement, so they don’t clutter up my closets of regular clothes.

  2. We have two different thrift stores that pick up items in our neighborhood once a month. It amazes me, but I put out at least one box a month. We move frequently and that is good incentive to donate things we don’t use. But it also my excuse for keeping things because I might need them in the next house.

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