Organic weed killer

I like to dig. However, I’ve been procrastinating weeding my full sun parking area. Til one evening, my excuses went on vacation and I got to work.


I remove weeds the old-fashioned chemical-free way; with a tool or my bare hands. In a world of quick fixes called weed killers, my approach may seem slow or old-fashioned.


Why not just grab a bottle and squirt? Because chemicals that go into the earth don’t magically disappear. They linger and make their way into our ground water. Also weed killers only kill weeds, they don’t remove them. Since I have to remove the weeds, I might as well kill and remove them in one swoop. 

I took a before picture of a small area, thinking I would just do a little bit.


I got carried away and weeded the whole parking strip (40 ft). Now I wish I had photographed the really ugly part – dandelion city. Oh well, trust me it was bad – just ask my neighbors.

And now? It’s beautimus (for a parking area). I killed weeds with a shovel, rake and my hands. Who needs a gym when you have a garden?


And as an added bonus, I slept well. I highly recommend organic or natural weed killing.

Organic weed killer: it’s good for you, our environment and your wallet.

How about you? Do you enjoy working out in your yard?


Wanna be happy? Go outdoors every day

If I had a favorite season for gardening, spring might it. After winter I’m ready to get outside and reconnect with my plants. Time for me to trim remnants, marvel at new shoots, and weed, weed, weed – to the tune of Turn! Turn! Turn! by the Byrds.

Normally, my Hebes require zero maintenance. They quietly provide a splash of year-round green and require nothing from me. However, this year I found my Hebes in need of a haircut as my Mom calls it.  Each day as I waited for my garage door to open, my Hebe’s called me. “Kate?” And today I happily responded.

Before and after pictures


In 20 minutes time took something weathered and made it beautiful again. Gardens are amazing this way. With a little physical exertion, there is the possibility of making something beautiful. And in the process, I thrive.

Year and years ago before computers, the Internet, cell phones, social networking, and the elusive Joneses who simply can’t be caught (so why try?) – there was just nature and plenty of it. So take some time and go outdoors. Do it every day and you may notice a shift. A shift towards happiness. 

Here are some ideas for getting outside every day:

  • Do a small gardening task
  • Walk around your block and say hello to everyone you encounter
  • Take a 20 minute walk outside during work 
  • Eat outside whenever you can
  • Create a reading lounge outside
  • Take your kids, your dog, or just yourself to your neighborhood green space
  • What do you think? Could happiness be as simple as spending more time outside? Please leave a Comment.

    Speaking of happiness. I enjoy reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen researches happiness and writes about what works and what doesn’t. Her articles are definitely worth reading.