Office shopping temptations

I started a new job with an office, coworkers, and a commute. Previously, I worked from home in my pajamas, blissfully ignorant of the many shopping temptations that accompany an office job.

Working outside the home I found…

  • Lots of opportunities to buy food and drinks.
  • More consumer products, fashion, and gadgets. Hmm, that Kindle is smaller than mine and looks cooler. Should I buy new work clothes like those?
  • More opportunities to shop. I can easily shop on my way home or walk to a store during lunch.
  • Thoughts of grabbing dinner on my way home.

And finally, I felt compelled to buy something on my way home Friday. You know, as a reward for a job well done at the office.

In the end, I didn’t change my spending habits this week. But I can see that it’s easy to spend when you’re exposed to so many products and stores.

What do you think? Do you feel more compelled to buy things when you work outside the home?


  1. It’s absolutely easier to fall prey to consumerism in a working environment that’s outside of home. Good luck with your continuing journey in simple living and frugality.

  2. I enjoyed reading how your mind is popping and fizzing being around other peope–even if it’s in amaterialistic way :). Fuel for the thought mill.

    Actually, it was at work where I got a Kindle show-and-tell and then bought one–TOTALLY worth it.

  3. I ‘rewarded’ myself for years with a stop at Target every payday to spend $20 or so on a little purse, or a pair of sandals, something for putting up with my miserable job. When I was fired (so they wouldn’t have to pay us severance, should have been a layoff) and started having yard sales, there went all those Friday Target handbags! I could barely get a buck for them. Weird lesson in buying stuff, but yes, waaaaay more casual and random shopping when working in an office. Be careful!

  4. If I only leave home 2 times a month I can live on 700 a month for two people which includes rent, food and utilities since we live a very frugal life. Additional trips from home costs me hundreds of dollars in addition to gas.

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