Removing redundancies

In an effort to simplify my life and create space, I’ve been systematically removing things from my house. Today I focused on a couple drawers in my kitchen. What did I find?

Three peelers:

Vegetable or potato peelers

One peeler that I never use,

another peeler that I use if I can’t find the one I really like,

and then there’s the peeler that I use and like (the one with the blade that swivels).

Three! So today, two peelers went to goodwill along with a box of other miscellaneous things that I don’t use or don’t need. I was keeping two peelers just in case they were needed (large peeling party?), when in truth I only need one peeler.

Having more than I need clutters up my kitchen, my house, and my mind.

Are there things that you’re holding onto just in case they’re needed?

If you’re interested in a minimalist kitchen, check out these excellent posts by Jules Clancy of Stone Soup:


  1. RE Peelers: probably most of us can match that. I have kept a peeler in my utensil drawer since forever – but as I read this it occurred to me that I have NEVER used it. I always grab a knife instead. Soo, drop one more peeler into the Good Will box. And while I’m at it, I can store the ladle and the masher in an over-flow bin on the porch. I might use them once a year & nothing else does their job when you want it, but they take up 1/2 the drawer! Ye Gads! I’ve got three colanders. I can only use one at a time.

  2. I see your point but there have been occasions when I cannot find my favourite peeler, or more than one has wanted to peel at once. (sunday lunch veg prep). I guess I have too many wooden spoons, and a cluttered house makes a cluttered mind. Luckily today I have used your principles and got rid of a couple of carriers of books to the charity shop. Now more space for more books. :P

  3. Love it. I can’t go that way because my wife is not of the minimalist inclination but I have long ago collapsed all of my worldly possessions that I value into one 35 litre backpack. I have grown to accept I cannot control the clutter outside my backpack and I just keep that minimalist instead :-)

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