Cold-brewed coffee

It’s July in Seattle and we’re experiencing the occasional summer-like day, which means it’s time to switch to iced coffee beverages!

A couple years ago I discovered the joy of cold brewed coffee. This super smooth coffee magically brews overnight, allowing you to wake up to tasty coffee goodness. I got this recipe from Rachel Meeks at Small Notebook. (Thanks Rachel!)Picture of iced coffee

Cold-brewed coffee

  1. Add 1/4 cup coarse ground coffee and 1 cup cold water to a container (I use a French press, but you could use a glass jar).
  2. Sleep 7 hours (ideally).
  3. The next morning, add 1 cup of water to the container.
  4. Strain and pour the coffee over ice.
  5. Add milk and sugar as desired.

That’s it!

With a little night-before planning, you could be drinking smooth iced coffee in seconds (without a trip to a coffee shop).

Here’s to fabulous summertime coffee. Cheers!

My 365 photo blog post for today:

A picture of shadows on sand

One comment

  1. Hi Kate funny I just happen to be drinking cold coffee, but not with ice. Always have some left in the cup so that is my cold coffee sometimes with some milk. Just want you to know I am with you.I have to have coffee.

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