Rethinking gum

In the back of my mind, I’ve always known that gum wasn’t healthy. Not healthy for me or our environment. I noticed that gum wasn’t sold at ‘natural’ grocery stores and the ingredients, well ah… they are suspect (i.e. polyvinyl acetate anyone?). All that said, I still chewed gum.

That is, until I read ‘Chewing on Plastic? Yum!‘ back in January, and my gum buying days stopped. Wow!Picture of gum

The past few months I’ve been in many checkout lines, surrounded by gum, AND I’ve resisted the temptation. Yay! Once I bought some Peppermint lifesavers, but no gum.

Thanks to Beth Terry at My Plastic-free Life for inspiring me to kick my gum habit! I aspire to live a plastic-free life, and while I have a ways to go, reading blogs by plastic-free bloggers are great motivation for me.

Have you kicked the gum habit? Which alternatives do you like? 

More about gum: Behind the label: Chewing gum

My 365 photo blog post for today:

Picture of blue clouds


  1. Good for you! In my younger years I chewed gum occasionally but dropped the habit like a hot rock while working as an intermediate school custodian. After scraping countless wads from floors, desks, walls, and nearly every conceivable surface I developed quite an aversion to the stuff. Whenever you feel the urge to slip up, just remember this story and look at the underside of a school desk or a restaurant table.

  2. gee kate I do not tink I can give up gum i get very dry mouth with this medicine I take. Gum helps me to be more comfortable.
    sorry but U am stuck with it/
    but keep the blogs coming we learn a lot from them.


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