Experiences vs stuff

It’s the holiday season again; an excellent time to slow down and spend time with family and friends.

My family celebrates Chanukah and I’ve given my kids a few presents, but years from now I doubt they’ll remember these presents (I know I won’t). Instead of presents, I think my kids will remember the Chanukah parties that we have every year: latkes, candles, and spinning dreidels. Every party is a fun and unique experience.

I think most people would agree that experiences make people happier than things. The novelty of things wears off, but memories last a lifetime. That said, I hope you’ll spend lots of time with family and friends this holiday season.

Experiences are more memorable than presents.

Here’s to life experiences! Give the gift of your time – a very precious commodity in our busy world.

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  1. I tried to remember what I got for Christmas last year. A complete blank. You are right! My kids remembered the Christmas Eve party and our $10.00 gift exchange with our closest friends (Everyone brings a $10.00 gift and we draw names…the first person gets to pick, second person gets to “steal” the first gift or open another…and so on). We all remember the $10.00 gift we got last year, but I’m afraid we don’t have a clue what we got for Christmas!

  2. What a good point. One of our new traditions (and one I think you’ll like) is to write down happy things that have happened to us throughout the year, things that we’re thankful for, moments that were heartwarming, etc. These thoughts are written down and put in a jar on our mantle. We’ll open them and read them to each other on new years eve, reflecting on the year as a family.

    To drive it home further, I’ve suggested to my family and friends that they take a look in my art shop for their gifting needs because I’m giving a portion of all my sales this month to a deserving charity. This way they giving to 2 causes at once!

    If you’re interested, need gift ideas, want to support local art and deserving charities, I’m a Sydney-based artist and have some innovative gifts in my shop here (www.etsy.com/shop/letsgolescophotos). There are some pieces for growing families, some for men, some for kids, and quite a few for women and/or families too. Plus there’s a special sale happening where any photo can be made into a print for only $20! A portion of all sales is going to charity, as well.

    Good luck with your gift-giving and happy holidays!

    Wishing you the best.

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