Use what you need and leave the rest

I overheard the following comment in the locker room today:

“I like to shower here because of the unlimited towels.”

Unlimited towels? At the pool there are stacks and stacks of towels, but I never thought of the towels as being unlimited. This comment got me thinking about frugality. For me, frugality is not about clipping coupons or choosing the cheapest option (especially if the cheapest option is not built to last).

For me, frugality is my quest to consume less.

When I see a stack of towels, I take one because that’s all I need. I don’t think towels are unlimited. Instead, I think resources are limited and need to be conserved. I avoid using disposable products like paper cups and plastic bags at the pool, and I don’t take long showers. I’m not perfect, but I try to consume as little as possible.

However, now that I think about it (ah, this is good) the best choice is to bring my own towel to the pool. This way I can use my towel several times before it’s washed.

How about you? Are there places in your life where you can consume less?


  1. I hate the fact that my workplace cafeteria only uses disposable plates and flatware. They dont even use cardboard. The only choice is styrofoam. I do carry my own knife, fork, spoon and drinking glass, but it would be wayyy inconvenient to carry a plate too. Maybe I should, though.

    • You are already carrying 90% of your eating and drinking hardware, Maybe you are just worried about what other people think, than any perceived inconvenience carrying a plate.

      A couple of possibilities are: a child-sized/side plate-sized plate; a bowl. Or, what about having a look at a military surplus or camping supplies shop next time you are near one? I’m thinking that I have seen a collapsible/foldable dish somewhere – something that would fit inside your work bag.

      Anyway, good on you for making an effort to reduce conspicuous consumption.

  2. Oh there’s always room for improvement in my life where frugality is concerned! Thanks for encouraging me to look hard at my consumption habits.

  3. O Yes.. I say with the red shamed colour on my cheeks. I really could take a shorter shower. But oohh.. that’s the one I really love the most.
    Maybe it’s therefor that I only shower onces in two days? Then I can “allow” myself to shower a little bit more ;o)

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