New season, less clothes

The beginning of each season is a good time to simplify your closet. On the first day of fall I found my favorite pair of summer capri pants. While I was delighted to find my pants, I’m sad that they didn’t get worn. 

I have too many clothes.

I read about people who have 100 personal items and it sounds appealing to me. They have a few favorites and use something called a washing machine to keep things clean. Sounds simple.

My closet has much more than a few favorites. I have plenty of backups or ‘just in case’ clothes. I wear my favorites and hold on to other clothes for a number of silly reasons.

So I say, wear it or donate it. Why not keep things simple and move things along to people in need?

Not sure what you wear? Try this tip: Put your hangers backwards. When you wear something, switch the hanger around. After a few months, look and see which hangers are still backwards. These hangers are your donate candidates.

Another idea – any time you add one thing to your closet, remove two things.

Do you have too many clothes? How much is too much?


  1. I am not a keeper at all but I discovered this summer that I was holding onto more things than I needed to be.

    I’m working on having “outfits” in my closet and less separates. Then I can always mix it up if I want but I know I won’t have a bunch of clothing that goes unworn.


  2. I wanted to smack myself recently when I bought a shirt, went to the closet to hang it up (a rare thing, indeed) and found *the exact same shirt* hanging there. Gah! And it wasn’t like one of those “amazing” items that you need to buy more than one of to last a lifetime. It was just a silly little t-shirt. Oy.

    Anyhoo, my plan is to go through my closests and drawers twice a year (we really don’t have seasons in SoCal) and “shop” from what I have, purging things I know I just won’t wear. I think I’ll try your hanger trick too.

    • > found *the exact same shirt* hanging there.

      Ooops! It’s easy to forget what you have. i should approach clothes shopping like food shopping – only buy what’s on the list. (only buy what I need, but then what is really needed?)

  3. I did the hanger trick on January 1st. I have since then donated items. There are still a few backwards hangers in there. Why can’t I just donate them? Why is it so hard? It’s been 10 months! =)ha ha

  4. That’s a pretty clever idea with the backward hangers.

    I always find myself pretty torn about this issue. I like living with very few possessions, but I also feel like it makes more sense to hold onto all the clothes I currently have so that when the ones I wear the most start wearing out I can move on to the other things in my closet without ever having to go shopping. Better to store a few things now then to get rid of things I’ll eventually end up shopping for again later, I say.

    Of course this approach means you need to to really seriously promise yourself not to buy anything new (because then you’ll really end up bursting at the closet seams). I like to keep one small suitcase full of things I don’t wear a lot under my bed and then “shop” from it from time to time when my clothes start wearing out.

    When the things in that suitcase no longer fit, I like to remake them into other things: T-shirts have become skirts and little bags, other things have become patches for clothing I have that is starting to wear out but that I want to keep the life in.

  5. Oh I do so love clothes. I buy almost all of mine at thrift stores but I buy a lot of thrifted items. This is an area of my life where I have serious problems with self control.

  6. At least twice a year I make a point to wear every item I own (twice a year because, for example, in the winter I don’t wear skirts and in the summer I don’t wear heavy sweaters.) Once I am running low on clothes to wear I begin to notice there are items which I have actually avoided wearing for one reason or another and those are the clothes I know not to keep!

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