Working like a dog

I have a new frugality tip, but I can’t recommend it whole-heartedly since it’s sorta stressful and solitary.

Work more.

(did I just say that?)

This past month I worked like a sled dog and found little time for shopping or entertainment. My income grew (I’m paid hourly) and my expenditures shrunk.

This is mostly good, however, I found myself cooking less, which can be expensive since most convenience foods are inconveniently expensive. Also being a sled dog is tiring. Pant, pant.

Thank you employer for the opportunity to work like a dog, but now I’m done. My deadline died and I’m home enjoying a weekend of leisure. There’s nothing like long work days to help you realize the sweetness of leisure, and time spent with family and friends.

Ahhhh! Now I’m riding on the sled, which is much more fun than pulling it.

I hope everyone had a great summer!

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