The extra costs of flying

I traveled by plane last week and was amazed (and annoyed) by all the extra charges.

  • $25 for an exit row seat (it has a couple extra centimeters of leg space).
  • $25 dollars per suitcase.
  • $8 for a bag of something salty.
  • $3.50 for a personal bottled water. This was offered before the free water.
  • $10 or $12 for an upgrade meal that came wrapped in gobs of plastic.
  • $$ for the in-flight movie.

There has been talk about charging for blankets and bathroom visits, but luckily this hasn’t happened yet.

Why do I find these charges so annoying? Is it because flying is annoying enough without extra charges? Maybe. Or maybe I dislike paying for things that were previously free. Either way, I make a special effort to avoid all charges.

To avoid extra charges I…

  • Pack light (I carry on my bags whenever possible, or I fly Southwest airlines where bags still fly free).
  • Bring an empty water bottle and fill it once I’ve passed security.
  • Bring plenty of snacks.
  • Bring entertainment.
  • Book an aisle seat. I like the possibility of maybe stretching my legs.

What do you think of the extra charges? I wonder what I will be charged for next? Air?


  1. Considering the height at which those plains fly, they might charge for air. Who knows?
    Personally, I prefer trains. Yes, they are slow, but riding on a train gives me restful, calming feeling.
    Still, go SouthWest!

  2. I also recommend Jet Blue, where you still get to check a bag and get a snack for free. :) I think it’s ridiculous how much they are nickel and diming everyone…I have never been loyal to an airline before, but I now seek out Jet Blue because they treat their customers well.

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