What does frugality get you?

A year ago I was laid off. One day I was employed and the next day I was home in my house pants dreaming of cafeterias and cardkeys.  

It was a humbling (and scary) experience.

However, getting laid off helped me tighten down my spending hatches. Not spending money became a game. How many days can I go without spending one thin dime (stop shopping, it’s easier than you think)?

A year later I’m working again, spending dimes and saving quarters. Recently, I spent a pile of quarters on an investment. An investment that I hope will generate passive income – a rental house. Nothing fancy, but once the house is paid off, the rent will be a nice source of income.

How did I buy this? My paychecks are not huge, but I’ve minimized my spending and maximized my savings. My savings started as an emergency fund and grew into a rental house.

I truly believe that frugality helps you get what you want and keep what you’ve got.

How about you? Why are you frugal?

One comment

  1. I’m frugal because of necessity…living off a small disability check. Like you, I’m good at meeting the challenge of it though. It’s amazing how much can be done with so little! Congrats on your investment property. I’m doing something similar.

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