Salads with meatless protein

It’s Meatless Monday! Meatless Monday is a non-profit campaign aimed at reducing meat consumption in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet. You can get plenty of protein in your diet without eating meat.

Last weekend I whipped up a great protein salad using two of my favorite protein sources: eggs and humus.

Fresh lettuce, orange pepper, and green onions (veggies that I had on hand), topped with hard boiled eggs (allowed to cool) and a big dollop of Mediterranean humus. Lunch! No dressing needed.

Minimal cost, maximum taste, minimal effort, and plenty of protein.

Here are some other protein ideas for salads:

Salads can be the main course and come packed with meatless-protein. Poke around the web and find a recipe that inspires you! You can post recipes or a link in a comment. Bon appétit!


3 thoughts on “Salads with meatless protein

  1. My friend Rebecca used to put yogurt on her salad as dressing, and the idea rubbed off on me, too. Hummus & guacamole are yummy salad toppings! (Well, probably not at the same time…)

  2. great idea! I’m the only humus eater in the house, and I always worry it will go bad before I eat it all up. thanks for an alternative option to crackers and carrot chips.

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