Plastic free lunches

A few years ago my daughters’ lunches consumed 4 or 5 plastic sandwich baggies times 2. That’s 10 baggies a day, 50 baggies a week, or 200 baggies per month. Yikes! My quest to consume less led me to the following plastic baggie alternatives.

Geometric Tiles Sandwich Sak - Reusable, Stylish, Eco-ConsciousWasteNot Saks – these handy washable bags are great for lunches. Cheese, popcorn, nuts, carrots… all fit nicely inside this bag. The inside is nylon and there are many fun patterns to choose from.

LunchBots – I use stainless steel sandwich boxes for messy sandwiches or anything I don’t want to have smushed. 

Homemade bread with butter and chunks of cheese

I also reuse all plastic bags that find their way into our home. Every bag is given at least a second life. For example, I might use the plastic bread bag to store cheese. The plastic bag from cereal boxes can be reused for any number of things.  

For my lunch I like to use a Pyrex container with a plastic or rubber lid. This makes microwaving super easy (sans the lid). For cold lunches, I’ve had my eye on a cool stainless stacking lunch box from To-Go Ware, but I haven’t pulled the trigger. For now, I’m good with what I’ve got.

Why avoid plastic baggies? Disposable baggies take hundreds of years to break down and when they do, chemicals are released into the soil. So why not go plastic-free?

How about you? What plastic sandwich bag alternatives do you use?


  1. Thanks! This is perfect timing for me, because I’ve started bringing my lunch to work and I’m using odds and ends – tupperware, etc.

    I want to get organized and use ZERO plastic baggies…

    Thanks Kate!

  2. I’ll also reuse bags–bread bags, the bag that my husband’s cereal comes in, etc. But for sammiches, I most frequently just wrap them in a cloth napkin. It makes me feel all ‘Little House on the Prairie.’ :P

  3. Thanks for the links. I will be making up a few of the reusable lunch sacks for myself and finding suitable boxes at the goodwill also. Just needed a push, which you have provided.

  4. We did that very same thing not too long ago. Now, my hubby takes a cooler to work, with only reuseable bowls and silverware. It’s a blessing not to have to deal with the plastic!

  5. I’ve been using wax paper to wrap my sandwiches, however, I’m going to make some fabric bags in an effort to try to save some trees. I hadn’t thought about fabric bags until I read your blog. Love. it.

  6. LOve the Lunchbots; thx! and I thought I was the only one reusing cereal box liners, etc. For instance, I use the little papers that wrap baking chocolate squares in between pancakes before freezing and use cut open cereal box liners brushed with oil to cover the bowl of my bread dough as it rises.

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