1000 awesome things

Awesome things are, well… awesome. Neil Pasricha has an fun blog called 1000 Awesome Things. Neil’s posts will make you smile as you think about all the amazing things in life. There are thousands of awesome things in life. And most of them are free.

Awesome things such as…

Which got me thinking about awesome spring things such as…

  • Eating an ice cream cone on a sunny spring day
  • Going sock-free for the first time in months
  • Eating local strawberries (so sweet!)
  • Drinking iced coffee in the morning sun
  • Enjoying a cold beer after an afternoon of yard work
  • Buying local produce at the farmer’s market 
  • Receiving a homemade Mother’s Day card
  • Daydreaming about summertime

How about you? What do you find awesome about spring?


4 thoughts on “1000 awesome things

  1. The smell of cut lilacs in the house.
    Rhubarb anything.
    Freshly mulched flowerbeds
    Wind and thunderstorms and the smell of wet pavement.
    The arrival of hummingbirds
    Robins building nests in the most surprising places

  2. I live in south Florida so the seasons aren’t so defined, but we still get some beautiful Spring flowers. I love it when I have been parked under a tree that has just bloomed and my car is covered with the bright yellow petals. I make sure to take off slowly so I can see them flying off the hood of my car. I look in the rearview mirror and watch them swirling behind me. Love it.

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