The joy of unplugging

Last Friday, after the usual responsibilities of school and work, my family decided to unplug. We turned off the lights, shut down our computers, and lit some candles. 

Without power, distractions were gone. Without power, I felt grounded, present, and mindful.

I carefully positioned candles near the stovetop for cooking and then repositioned the candles for dining. After dinner I wandered over to the fireplace and my girls joined me. My oldest daughter brought her guitar and began playing a family favorite – Beatles songs.

“Love, love me do

You know I love you”

We sang Yesterday, Yellow Submarine, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away….

It was a unique and beautiful experience. All the time and energy that I’ve invested in my daughter’s music lessons came back to me in a priceless experience. 

Now my youngest wants to unplug every weekend. My teenager enjoyed sharing her music with us. And me? I loved it all – the singing, the Beatles, candlelight, sharing time with my girls…. Everything.

It was simply great (and coincidently frugal).

Do you take time to unplug?


5 thoughts on “The joy of unplugging

  1. We’re buying a few acres in the woods. It will be our official “unplugged” space….no electric hookup or community water…just nature and water from the small creek along the back border (and drinking water from home).

  2. Indeed, I unplug regularly, sometimes in the middle of the work day. Today I will do some Nordic walking through the woods. It is the best place for seeking (and finding) solace and new ideas. Good for you that you recognized and acted on the need to unplug. It is essential for our spirits!

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