Speaking out against concrete

As many of you know, I’m a No Impact Man fangirl. I’ve read Colin Beavan’s book and participated in the No Impact Experiment with my family (miles are smaller by car).

This week I watched No Impact Man on DVD and was struck by this:

Lack of community has a negative effect on our environment.

Or said another way, when we feel disconnected from one another it’s easy to feel that our individual efforts don’t matter. Why limit our use of plastic? Plastic is everywhere. Why compost? Fruit flies are annoying. Disposable coffee cups are the norm, so why use a reusable cup?

Because (I believe) our actions have a ripple effect, affecting others in ways we can’t see.   

Today I walked to the store with my daughter and along the way she spoke out against concrete. Yes, concrete. My nine year old, tree-hugging daughter dreams of a car-free world. When I hear her ideas I get excited and I wonder how many people will be affected by her passion for fewer cars.

Our individual efforts matter. Even when we don’t think they do.

What are you passionate about? Who will you inspire today?

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