Green is expensive, right?

Standing in front of an aisle dedicated to printer paper, I asked my daughter which printer paper we should buy. I read all our options: premium, copy, multi-purpose, laser jet, inkjet.

And she asked, “Is there recycled paper?”

A huge smile appeared on my face (and my heart grew three times larger – oh wait, that’s another story).

We searched for recycled printer paper. It wasn’t front and center, but it was available. Envirocopy™ paper. The price? 5.99 for 500 sheets, or one dollar less than the multi-purpose paper.

Wait a second! I thought I had to pay more for green products? Or do I?

Angela over at My Year Without Spending posed this same question today. “Is it more expensive to be green?

What do you think? Is green expensive?

Or course the greenest choice is no paper (not buying new products), but no paper is a tough sell with school age children. If you’re interested in green frugality, check out these great blogs:

And of course this one. :)


    • This is a GREAT idea. The printouts at my work have a cover sheet that is normally recycled, but I can reuse these sheets at home (and then recycled them).

  1. “Green” frugality is what I’m all about, sister! For some purchases, green is more expensive (e.g., meat). But overall, the greener option tends to be cheaper. Of course, the greenest option is always to make do with what you have if you can, and that doesn’t cost a thing.

    • Replying to myself here, because I just can’t shut up (can you tell I love your blog?). Like you mentioned, the cheapest thing is always to not buy, but we can’t go without paper. I did find a tutorial on how to make journals using paper that has been printed on only one side. We have a ton of this at my work. I’ll try to find it and post it to my blog. Would be a great project for kids!

      Ok. I’ll shaddup now. :)

      • Thanks for your comments! Green frugality is definitely where it’s at (or at least where I’m at). It was so GREAT to read your comment midway thru my crazy 11 hour workday.

        Maybe I should write to Abby…

        Dear Abby:
        I love my job, but it’s sucking up my time (and energy) like a giant vacuum (slurp slurp). What should I do? Oy!

  2. I think ‘ethical’ is what can be more expensive. If you want laborers to be paid a fair wage, you’re not always going to get a Walmart price. That said, green can be really cheap — buying used, buying less, making your own.

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