10 random frugal hacks

Ten random frugal hacks: Use your local library. Eat oatmeal for breakfast. Buy used. Eat leftovers for lunch. Listen to music and watch videos online. Avoid stores. Go to the bathroom before leaving work. Discover new ways to eat cabbage. Reuse everything.
Fix things yourself. How about you? Have a random frugal hack to share?

  1. Use your local library.
  2. Eat oatmeal for breakfast.
  3. Buy used.
  4. Eat leftovers for lunch.
  5. Listen to music and watch videos online.
  6. Avoid stores.
  7. Go to the bathroom before leaving work.
  8. Eat cabbage.
  9. Reuse everything.
  10. Fix things yourself.

How about you? Have a random frugal hack to share?

Author: Kate

I'm a writer interested in photography, philosophy, bikes and simplicity.

7 thoughts on “10 random frugal hacks”

  1. Great list!

    I would add: Take a bottle of water with you when you leave the house. If you are going to be gone more than 2 hours, pack a snack.

  2. Cut out those processed snacks. You’ll save money in the short run on junk food and in the long run on healthcare.

    I also pack water and a small snack (nuts are great) with me when I go out. Very handy.

  3. I have grown to love Freecycle.org. People offer amazing thing that keep me out of the stores, and their perfectly good stuff out of the landfill.

    Just troll for awhile. I have three Costco size bottles of shower gel, the cost of picking it up. (They didn’t like the smell.)

  4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Life doesn’t need to be one long spa event. It’s ok to be a little cold in winter (put on a sweater instead of cranking up the heat), you can survive a cold without buying tons of OTC symptom supressors, etc.

  5. Love your list. Always carrying a snack is also a good idea, that way you have something to munch on and you are not tempted to go buy a snack that will probably not be good for you anyway. I like having a bit of homemade granola in my purse for those cases.

  6. BORROW and SWAP!

    Books, music, clothes, tools. When I was a teen, swapping clothes among girlfreinds was a common way to update a wardrobe. Even better if your friends had older (cooler) sisters or (in my case) an older sister who was a gifted seamstress.

    Also, a steel-lined thermos may be ugly, but the reason all the hard-hats carry them is because they really, truly work and they are virtually indestructible. And, you can slow-cook in them without electricity! (If you don’t like its looks, knit/crochet a cover/sling/holder for it, or decorate it with craft paints for metal.)

    Use it up, wear it out, borrow it, or do without!

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