Less paper, more trees

Since starting my new job last April, I haven’t printed anything.

Everything I do is digital. I write, edit, and publish words online using my computer. Everything I need is in one place: on my beloved laptop. I love the simplicity of a paperless office.

Here are a few paper saving tips:

  • Print or write on both sides of the paper. Save old printouts for reprinting or note taking. 
  • Before you click print, stop what you’re doing, drop to the floor and roll. While rolling, think do I really need to print this? 
  • If while rolling on the floor you decide you really need to print, use print preview so there are no surprises. 
  • Print just what you need and not the whole caboodle. Every page you don’t print counts.
  • Take notes online with software like Evernote or OneNote.
  • Go digital. Books, magazines, and newspapers are available online.
  • Find something you want to read later? Bookmark it, add the page to your Favorites, or use Evernote.
  • Buy recycled paper. Buying recycled products helps create a market for recycled paper.

If you follow these tips you’ll save money and trees.  

How about you? How little can you print?


  1. The stop, drop and roll bit is hilarious! ha!

    Unfortunately, I work in an office that is paper mad. I’ll send hunky files for review and folks here will print them out (why?!?!). I can’t get them to change their ways, despite the death o’ trees. Oy.

  2. Paper mad? Where do you work? Dunder Mifflin? :)
    I occasionally come across a ‘print happy’ coworker who likes to shuffle paper, but they’re in the minority. I think the digital switch has made for a less cluttered workplace (no paper to muck things up). Ah…..

    • The link you posted is content created by a paper company (International Paper), so I don’t think the information is unbiased.
      How about if I just consume what I really need? (which is very little paper)

  3. I like the stop, drop and roll too. I am proud to say that my printer is still on the trial ink cartridge that it came with when I bought it over a year ago. (This is at home, not work- though I don’t print excessively there either). Anyhoo, just wanted to say that I use snipi.com to save ideas and things for later.

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