Tackling your firsts

With New Year’s resolutions looming, I’m continuing my quest to simplify my life and unclutter my home. To this end I’ve been reading “Unclutter Your Life in One Week” by Erin Doland (author of the Unclutter blog).

Erin suggests tackling your firsts first. By firsts she means the areas you encounter first – your closet/wardrobe, your desk at work, and the entry to your home. Uncluttering these spaces will make your firsts more pleasant and will motivate you to do more.

Your desk is the first thing you see when you walk into your office. This was my desk today:  

Not an ideal way to start my day.

Ah, much better.

I removed everything from my desk, cleaned it and then went through the miscellaneous stuff that was taking up residence on my desk. Such as:

  • Electric toothbrush that needs a new head
  • First grade art project (my daughter is in 3rd grade now)
  • A backup mouse
  • A battery and some polished rocks

I find that things accumulate on my desk day-by-day, until I have a jumbled mess and then I clean it up.

Erin’s advice for your desk:

“The only things that should be on your desk are those things that you use regularly – as in more than once per day.” Everything else should have a place somewhere else, preferably in a drawer out of sight.

Now that I’ve cleared off my desk, let’s see if I can go a week without adding anything.

Can I create a habit of keeping my desk clean?

What’s on your good habits list? – I enjoyed this post at Serene Journey. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, think about what habits you’d like to form. If you fill your life with good habits, you’ll leave no room for the bad ones.


  1. I’m trying to cultivate the habit of cooking and eating a healthy, hearty breakfast. I’ve always been a breakfast eater, but I tend to fall back on things like cereal, granola bars, etc rather than making the effort to get up and fix something warm and healthy.

  2. Hi, I’ve come to your blog via My Year Without Spending which I read regularly.

    Good luck with your decluttering. I’m also doing the same – the 100 thing challenge – which you may have heard of.

    Perhaps this structured challenge will help you simplify your life. And it is a challenge!

    I look forward to reading your blog more often. Happy new year.

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