Wrap it in plastic and call it good?

Plastic is everywhere. It’s even in places you wouldn’t expect – like wrapped around potatoes.

Microwave potatoes

Why would you take a perfectly good potato and wrap it in plastic?

OK, let’s be real. Potatoes are inconvenient. They’re dirty and take forever to cook. I can hear the advertisement now….

“Stop wasting your time washing and baking potatoes. You could be eating a clean potato with that “oven-baked-taste” in just seven minutes. Pop a shrink-wrapped nugget of potato into your microwave and BAM!” 

Sound good?

Not to me. I have a strict no plastic in the microwave policy, and I like to buy produce in the buff (without packaging).

I do like to save time though, so I’ve been known to…

  • Microwave potatoes for 5-10 minutes prior to baking them.
  • Cut my potatoes, boil them for 5-10 minutes, then smother them with olive oil and bake.

 Yep, I’m crazy. I like my potatoes without plastic. How about you?


7 thoughts on “Wrap it in plastic and call it good?

  1. I do not LIKE microwaved “baked” potatoes. Wrapped in plastic they merely steam and taste like a boiled potato instead of a baked one. Sorry, slow-baked is just right.

    I also try to keep plastic from touching food in the microwave but probably am not as strict as you are about it.

  2. After reading about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” (a patch of plastic trash in the ocean the size of Texas), I have become more adamant about not purchasing plastic-coated items. Plastic is literally choking the life out of the earth.

    And if that’s not bad enough, I used to work for the American Diabetes Association and several of our researchers have made links between diabetes and plastics. Apparently, plastics have “endocrine disruptors” that cause a whole host of problems for us. This stuff is just so toxic on so many levels. I’m baffled as to why we just keep on producing it in the most absurd ways. Plastic-covered potatoes? Really?

    Ciao Italia (a PBS cooking show) had a really great series of potato casserole recipes last weekend. All hail the tuber goodness! :)

    • > I’m baffled as to why we just keep on producing it in the most absurd ways.

      No kidding! I don’t get it either. Except that plastic has been around a while and perhaps seems benign? Like cigarettes seemed benign years ago.

  3. God, that is ridiculous! One step forward, two steps back! Why would someone buy this?

    I’m a baked potato lover from way back. It was a great poor single girl/college student meal. I don’t like what the microwave does to the consistency- I always bake it and then cover it with butter and maybe sour cream and chives or maybe cheese or even sauteed veggies. I love the skin too!

  4. I bought one of the plastic wrapped potatoes but I also have a strict no plastic in the microwave policy and I try to minimize it’s use everywhere else. The reason I bought the potato is because it is organic and it was the only organic potato the store had. I also have an always buy organic if I possibly can policy. But what I don’t get is why they would offer an organic potato that is shrink wrapped because I think most people who buy organic would never ever consider cooking in plastic. I searched the websites for the company and could find no information whatsoever on the shrink wrap – not very reassuring. I’m unwrapping it and baking it the way I always have.

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