Built to last

Last week I hung out with my parents in the home that I grew up in – from 5th grade on anyway. They’ve lived in the same home for 32 years (is that right? – my how time flies).

While I was home I ate at this table:

My parents bought this table when I was born, 43 years ago. Many meals, games, art projects, and conversations have taken place around this table. My parents have no plans to replace the table. Why would they? The table is solid wood with leaves and an indestructible finish. It’s the perfect table.

In our increasingly disposable world, it’s so refreshing to see something built for the long haul.

Take a bite out of landfill waste:

  1. Buy quality – things that are made to last.
  2. Take care of your things, so you don’t need to trash or replace them.

My kitchen table is ten years old and I hope to play cards on it with my grandkids someday. I don’t need a new table. My table is accumulating memories and it’s built to last.

How old is your table?

Sidenote: I’m not a Deadhead, but found it interesting that ‘Built to Last’ was the thirteenth and final studio album by the Grateful Dead (released in 1989).


  1. I absolutely love my table! It is at least 100 years old. It belonged to my Paternal Grandmothers’ Sister who gave it to my parents when they built our cottage in 1958. They put it infront of the picture window (that overlooked Meredith Bay) and many, many cribbage games, dinners, coffees, conversations were enjoyed there. It is worn on each edge where your arms would rest on the table and since there is an ‘x’ on the bottom where the legs are held together, we always rest our feet on that cross beam, so it is worn there from love. It’s not very big, we can’t put plates or bowls down the center (have to serve from the kitchen, then put dinner plates on the table) but this table ROCKS! Just sitting at it when I’m having a bad day makes me feel so much better. Someday my son will have it in his kitchen/dining room.

  2. We bought our dining table and matching buffet second-hand from an elderly lady who had to give up housekeeping and move into a nursing home. It was 40-50 years old when we got it in the late 70s. I never think much about it one way or the other, but once a friend was here and murmured something about all our “antiques”. Well, I guess it is an antique but I hardly treat it that way, not that I abuse it. It’s just our table. Period.

  3. Very nice! The finish on that table looks perfect–it really must be indestructible.

    I love that a lot of the furniture I have is 30, 40, 50 years old and is more solid than just about anything affordable that is available these days. And a lot cheaper!

  4. My parents have had theirs for maybe 10-15 years. We used to eat on a glass patio furniture table! (I feel they took care of things in the right order!). My mom LOVES it… there aren’t many dings or scratches in it, but she can tell you what they’re from and smile about it. We bought ours from a neighbor, it is a pub-style that won’t fit much, but for the 2 of us, it is great- and it has many possibilities for the future when we have to buy a bigger table to accommodate our own family (someday)! :)

  5. Kate!

    How are you doing in this mad holiday season? I read your other post about spending less, especially on goods/tangible items, and I’m totally with you. I told the ‘rents no to get me loads of ‘stuff’ for Christmas. I’d rather do a family vacation of some sort!

    Anywho, I recognized that table immediately haha. 32 years is crazy, but I’m not surprised it’s in such great shape. Indestructible finish indeed.

    Hope you and the girls are doing well. I’m gearing up for move between Christmas and New Year’s (bleh), but hopefully I can find a cool, fun place somewhere in the City for a bit less than I’m paying now.

    Take care!

    – Jay

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