Blending pastry

Last week my family unknowingly stepped into a Wayback Machine, when we flew to Boise, Idaho. We left behind millions of people for wide open fields of brown.

While in Boise I accepted a new lucrative position: Pie Crust Technician. With recent apple pie making success still wiggling under my belt, I was ready to excel at my new position. I just had one question.

“Mom, where’s your food processor?”


“You know, a food processor for mixing pie dough,” and I used my index finger to press an imaginary food processor button.  

“Oh. I have a pastry blender,” my Mom replied.

While I imagined a one-touch pastry blending machine, my Mom opened a drawer and handed me this:

This is a blender?

For my benefit, its purpose was clearly imprinted on the side: “use to blend flour and shortening.”

Ah, a pastry hand blender. 

Rookie that I am, I blended for a good ten minutes. My blending was not perfect, but I felt a sense of accomplishment upon completion.

Confession time… I haven’t appreciated my food processor’s quick and consistent work. Instead, I’m guilty of skipping over the amazing results and only seeing the cleanup work.

Well, no more! I vow to not take my food processor for granted. And if someone hands me a pastry blender, I know just what to do.


  1. My mom also has one of these for blending pastry. I haven’t seen her use it in awhile, but I remember her using it a lot when I was a kid.

  2. Yanno, I think I am one of the three remaining home cooks who doesn’t own a food processor or big stand mixer. I spent years in a pottery studio, so I think the process of baking bread and other goodies brings me back to the love of throwing pottery on the wheel. I just can’t see using a machine to do it. It’s like a weird sacred right for me.

    • nope, no stand mixer or food processor for me! Actually, I would love to get a food processor (or a super duper blender) sometime in the future for things like green smoothies, but it’s definitely not a need.

    • I think making things with your hands is always rewarding (pottery or bread). I enjoy kneading bread dough and rolling out pie crusts – but I also like to push the button and watch the whirling.

  3. That’s funny!! While I have a food processor, I’ve never used it to make pie crust! I always have used one like you pictured… :-)

  4. I, too, have a food processor but have never used it for pastry. In fact, it’s underutilized. I need to change that. Thanks for a fun post!

    • Dig out that food processor and give it a whirl. :)
      One touch and you have pie dough. Makes me wonder why I ever bought a pie crust in the past.

  5. I don’t have a food processor, and one of my good friends couldn’t believe that when I asked to borrow it for a specific dessert. The reason she couldn’t believe it is because I bake all the time. But I confess I do buy Pillsbury roll out crusts because when I’ve tried to make dough by hand it’s not as good as the Pillsbury!

    I bake a lot of cookies, quickbreads, and other desserts, so like to do it by hand.

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