Tell someone what they mean to you

I just celebrated my birthday and received a few gifts that I really love.

My favorite gift is a homemade card from my daughter. Yes, a card can be a gift!

There are many fun things about my Beatles birthday card, but my favorite part is a section where my daughter listed qualities about me (frugal, kind, optimistic, computer geek) with reasons why she selected them. The card let me see myself through my daughter’s eyes. What a gift!

My daughter’s birthday card is a total keeper – keepsake box bound. Someday. For now, I’m still savoring the details. 

I can’t think of a better gift than telling someone what they mean to you in a note or card. 

Another favorite birthday gift of mine is a bag of chocolate cookies with a coupon for six months of cookies baked by my friend. Yum!

Looking for gift ideas? My friend Angela just posted some great handmade and frugal gift ideas. Tis the season….


  1. My mom gave the same kind of gift last year, but with a bread of the month instead of cookies. I think it was a hit. Love creative gift ideas!

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