Tell someone what they mean to you

I just celebrated my birthday and received a few gifts that I really love.

My favorite gift is a homemade card from my daughter. Yes, a card can be a gift!

There are many fun things about my Beatles birthday card, but my favorite part is a section where my daughter listed qualities about me (frugal, kind, optimistic, computer geek) with reasons why she selected them. The card let me see myself through my daughter’s eyes. What a gift!

My daughter’s birthday card is a total keeper – keepsake box bound. Someday. For now, I’m still savoring the details. 

I can’t think of a better gift than telling someone what they mean to you in a note or card. 

Another favorite birthday gift of mine is a bag of chocolate cookies with a coupon for six months of cookies baked by my friend. Yum!

Looking for gift ideas? My friend Angela just posted some great handmade and frugal gift ideas. Tis the season….


4 thoughts on “Tell someone what they mean to you

  1. My mom gave the same kind of gift last year, but with a bread of the month instead of cookies. I think it was a hit. Love creative gift ideas!

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