No Christmas gifts this year dot com

I stumbled upon a great I Will Teach You To Be Rich Project called No Christmas Gifts This Year.


Every year millions of Americans buy gifts whether they have the money or not. Christmas gifts are sacred. But do they need to be? sayz:

“Instead of buying things we can’t afford, here’s a way to do something more meaningful.”

The web site let’s you send a note to your friends and family offering to share time together, instead of a gift.

Hi (name):

This year, the economy has made it tough, so instead of buying Christmas gifts, let’s do something more (fun/helpful/exciting) together like: (a list of options)


I love this idea, but the editor in me can’t resist a little editing. I marked out the bit about it being a tough year. Why? Because it’s not necessary. I don’t think we need a reason to say “instead of a gift, I’d love to do something together with you.”

My sister did this last year for our Mom. Instead of a gift, she asked if they might do something together like put up holiday decorations or make cookies. My Mom agreed and they had a lovely time.

Often the greatest gifts can’t be bought at the mall and or wrapped up in a box.

Give the gift of an experience. Make time for someone. Your time is a gift in itself.

What are your thoughts on holiday gifts?


  1. Interesting idea; I love it. I hate how people (especially our extended family) get so caught up in who gets what, or making sure that everyone gets a gift…now the cousins are having kids and it puts a serious financial strain on having to buy more and more presents. This year, I resolved to do a handmade-only Christmas (with the exception of some candy for the kids). I’ve been knitting like crazy. I’d love to get down to what really matters…spending time together and just appreciating the holiday, you know…

  2. Love it!
    My family has been doing this for years. Concert tickets, lunch together, bike ride on the beach, etc. I like the idea of making cookies together or decorating.

    I think it’s actually the commercialism and going into debt that makes it stressful for a lot of people. Just say no!

    • I think malls are stressful during the holidays – noisy and crowded, with a zillion products vying for your attention.

      I like the concert ticket idea.

  3. I love gift gifting, but I hate playing mindless consumer. So, this year I’ve opted to make donations to my favorite charities in honor of loved ones and give homemade presents. I’m having a “simplicity circle and crafting party” next weekend. We’re going to share crafting supplies, talk about how we’d like our simplicity circle to operate (first meeting!) and make stuff instead of buy stuff for the holidays. The best part is that most of my crafts are made up of mostly used items (clocks out of album covers, cool magazines, old phones, etc.), making things uber inexpensive.

  4. We used our reward money from our credit card to purchase gift cards to Omaha Steaks for our kids. We used $40 and actually got $60. We have three grandchildren and all three are each getting a hand-made gift from us. Grandpa made one and Grandma made two. And that is the sum total of our gift giving. I think that God must be thoroughly disgusted to see how we celebrate the birth of His Son. I don’t think much of what we do honors or brings pleasure to Him.

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