Sleeping naked is green

I recently read a new book about one woman’s attempt to greenify her life by making one green change every day for a year. (greenify isn’t an official word, but it’s quite fun and I rather enjoy made up words; automagically is a personal fave.)

Vanessa Farquharson made one green change each day and blogged about it on Green as a Thistle. Along the way, she also wrote a narrative about her greenificationSleeping Naked is Green.     

‘Sleeping naked’ is wonderfully entertaining. Vanessa’s writing is laugh-out-loud funny, fun and candid.    

At the top of each chapter is a list of Vanessa’s changes for the month. Some of the changes are dramatic like unplugging her fridge and selling her car, while others are rather silly – like using shorthand to reduce paper use, or writing poetry in haiku form to save words.

While reading the book, I noticed the green changes that were both green and frugal. Since this blog is about frugality, I thought I’d list a few:

  • No more bottled water
  • Forgo electronic gym equipment (and gyms)
  • Cancel cable
  • Use natural cleaners – baking soda, vinegar, and the like
  • Sign up for Freecycle
  • Turn down thermostat and don’t use AC
  • Use air-dry function on the dishwasher
  • Use less water
  • Give up chewing gum (I’m not a big fan of this one)
  • Shut down computer at end of day
  • Air dry your clothes
  • No more canned or bottled beverages
  • Fix things rather than replace them
  • Use cold water for laundry
  • Buy things used 
  • Wear clothes twice before washing
  • Borrow and share before buying
  • Drive the speed limit with properly inflated tires
  • Learn to sew and mend clothes
  • Make your own cosmetics and beauty products

All of these changes are green and wonderfully frugal; a perfect duo. Like my friends peanut butter and jelly.

Have you made changes that are green and frugal? Share your wisdom in a comment.


  1. There are *so* many ways to be more eco-conscious and frugal at the same time. I practice many of the things listed, like using cold water for laundry, buying used, air drying clothes, etc. I have found that, overall, frugal and green go hand in hand.

    Thanks for the review! I’ll have to check this one out, too.

  2. Hi Kate – I began using an old almond butter jar this week for my tea and coffee per your blog. Yesterday I took my tea with me when I went to pick Eden up from school. A teacher pounced on me when she saw the jar, with a panicked reminder that the school is a nut-free environment.

    So not only did I go green yesterday, but I got to create some excitement as well.

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