Slimy cucumbers


I recently saved a slimy cucumber from a trip to the compost pile. I bravely peeled away the slime, ate the parts that weren’t soft and lived to tell the tale.

Since this fateful day I’ve discovered that slimy cucumbers are topical. My blogging software tells me what people search on to find my site. Here are a few slimy cucumbers searches:

ok to eat slimy cucumbers
is a slimy cucumber still good?
slimy cucumbers ok to eat?
cucumbers that are slimy good
can i use cucumbers if they are slimy

So let me set the record straight. Motivated by my efforts to not waste food, I found slimy cucumbers are OK to eat. Just peel away the slime and eat away.

How to store cucumbers

Most sites I stumbled upon suggested storing cucumbers unwashed in a plastic bag. Cukes don’t enjoy intense cold, so most sites suggested tucking them into a fridge drawer. Moisture causes cukes to get slimy, so one site suggested pricking the plastic bag 5 or 6 times and lining the drawer with a towel. Most fresh veggies are high maintenance – they need a little air, but also need to be covered.

One idea I want to try – ditch the plastic produce bag and store cucumbers in a cotten produce bag. This may stop the slime once and for all. Or maybe this style of reusable produce bags would be better (posted on Sorta Crunchy):

Love for Earth bags on sayz cucumbers should keep for a week in the fridge. The slimy cucumber I ate probably sat for two weeks in my fridge. Oops.

How about you? Do you eat food on the edge or play it safe? How do you store your cukes?



6 thoughts on “Slimy cucumbers

  1. Thank you! I just googled slimy cucumber to see if it was okay to use in some raita. I hate wasting food and it’s a blessing to see blogs like these. Thanks again.

  2. I also got here by googling “slimy cucumbers”.

    They really go faster than any other vegetable I’ve ever witnessed. I like the idea of your cotton bag, did it work?

  3. Like to two before me I also go here by googling “cucumbers slime.” After reading this, I shall rescue a few more that I had decided were uneatable. The plan is to douse them with rice vinegar, a little sugar, salt, pepper, and dill before adding a little grapeseed oil. Your blog was extremely helpful. Thank you. I am now going to check to see if it is possible to feed them to my tortoises as well.

  4. Hi and Thanks!
    I got here searching on slimy kirby-
    I prefer kirbys because they are unwaxed and the skin is usually not bitter to the taste.
    I don’t like my cukes to get slimy, though contrary to what is mentioned above, it can take as little as three days for slime to appear on kirbys in my fridge crisper….
    I will try wrapping in cheese cloth to see how they do.

    BTW, in my experience, when a fruit, vegi, cheese, yogurt… is a little over ripe or tending towards spoiled, in my household, we commonly cut, shave, scrape, or spoon off the bad part. We eat and enjoy and never experience an upset stomach or get sick from this practice.


  5. I love to get those little bags of mini cukes from SAMS club, but YES, they get slimy – even moldy – in just a few days. In this case, jut TWO days. It makes me so mad since I live on a very tight, fixed income. I found this page, like so many, when I Googled looking for info about cukes going bad. I’m going to brave it! I’m on penicillin right now anyway for a dental issue so – why not?!! I’m going to use apple cider vinegar and Splenda so that should help in digesting even the bad spots I might miss when cleaning them off.

    Thanks for this advice!!

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