Food waste: Another week, another pile

It’s Food Waste Friday once again. Started by The Frugal Girl (Kristen) in March of 2008, Food Waste Friday takes aim at reducing food waste.

Why do such a silly thing? Motivations may vary, but my primary motivation is creating less trash. And, I’ve also saved money. Ka-ching! I’m buying less food, eating leftovers, and digging into my pantry foods before they expire. Imagine that.

Here’s what I have this week: 


Homemade tomato sauce– Too much: This last bit went to waste. 
Chicken bits– Always too much: Not enough carnivores in the house.  
Yellow pepperToo risky: Touched the old chicken bits.

Beets–  Forgotten: I baked beets in advance for salads and then forgot about them. 

Not bad. No fruit waste this week. Yay!

Want to reduce your food waste? Just follow this simple rule: If you buy it, eat it.

That is, if the it is food. Otherwise, as Gilda Radner’s character would say… never mind.

Have a fantastic Labor Day.

Video clip of Emily Litella (Gilda Radner) – Violins on TV

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