Cute or too much?

Is this pile of stuffed animals:

a)  Cute
b)  Too much
c)  Cute and too much
d)  A waste of fluff


For me the answer is C; cute and too much.

Stuffed animals are cute, but when you have so many is it possible to appreciate each one? Does my daughter play with each one? Why have so many?

Time for a conversation.

I asked my daughter if she played with all of these animals. Honestly. I asked her if there were some animals that she could pass on to another child.

After some consideration, my daughter decided to let go of some stuffed animals. They were all special and wonderful once, but the reality is that she doesn’t play with all of them now.

Paring down her collection simplifies things, and gives her a chance to play with and appreciate each stuffed animal.

Why hold on to things you don’t use?

If you have kids, here’s an excellent article on keeping things simple: 21 Tips on Keeping a Simple Home with Kids at Zen Habits


  1. I remember trying to sleep with all my stuffed animals and being so smothered I couldn’t breathe! What is it about little girls and their “friends”?!

  2. too much…give them away! The less the better. They say that children should only have 4 main toys and they will actually use them then.


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