Too frugal?

I’ve had the same cheese slicer since college, which is about 20 years now. The wooden handle broke six months ago.


I haven’t replaced the slicer because it still works and I haven’t been in a store that sells such things.

And oddly enough, using this silly slicer makes me smile.


The slicer still does the job; it’s just a little awkward to hold.

Too frugal?

I don’t think so. The cheese slicer works, makes me smile, and reminds me of my choice to live a frugal lifestyle.

Examples of a frugal lifestyle:

  • Finding a second use for an item
  • Buying used things
  • Borrowing or swapping instead of buying
  • Making something last longer
  • Using less 
  • Finding value – finding a less costly, long lasting alternative

What do you think? What does frugal mean to you?


9 thoughts on “Too frugal?

  1. I have the same one! (with handle still intact).

    I have to agree, resisting the impulse to just “go out and shop” is a hard one for me, but I’m getting better at it. Our caller ID on the phone is broken (it won’t show you who called) and we haven’t replaced it. I can’t seem to justify the $40 for such a little luxury! (it drives my sister crazy though)

    Each to their own, right?

    PS – yup, the zucs came out of our garden. Aren’t they beauties?

    • Same slicer! Small world. My sister also thinks my frugalness is a little crazy sometimes. Your yellow zucs are beautiful! Do you know the variety?

    • Ohhhh I my frugal mind just could not pass up the need to suggest that if you are not using the caller id feature on your phone… Reduce your bill! Call the phone company and see about having that feature removed from your bill each month! A penny saved, maybe.

  2. I’m totally with you! Our toaster oven’s digital display is slowing losing section by section of the numbers (you can’t tell the difference between 2, 3, and 5 in one spot), but we have no plans to replace it. I know what temperature it starts at, and just count up and down! To quote the Non-Consumer Advocate (, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

  3. Too frugal? No way. The slicer is fulfilling a lot more requirements that we demand of most objects, especially “makes me smile.”

    To me, frugal means not even owning a cheese slicer! Ha! We eat a lot of cheese and we use a good old knife. But we do have some pretty silly gadgets- although I just LOVE that little doodad that slices off the covered part at the top of the wine bottle so that you can actually get in there and pull out the cork. I don’t know if it has a name…

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