Food waste: Not my best

It’s Friday. Time for me to reflect on my food waste this week.

This week is definitely not one of my better weeks. It’s unusual for me to waste dairy or even fake dairy.


Soy milk– Oops: Forgot about this 1/4 carton.
Yogurt– Too much: Abandoned in the fridge past its expiration date.
Oranges– Not so good: I got these a while back on sale and they weren’t very good. Should have fed them to my juicer.
Carrots– Too much: My kids like baby carrots, but not the big ones.
CantaloupeLow demand: CSA box item. I’m the only cantaloupe eater in the house and I’m not a huge fan. If I cut up a cantaloupe and store it ready to eat, then I’m less likely to waste it.

Why so much concern about food waste? Food biodegrades right? Yes, but there’s an environmental impact to wasting food.

When food rots it releases methane, which is 20 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide (CO2). Our landfills account for 34% of methane emissions in the US. The other equally large methane source is enteric fermentation (mammal gas).

There are many eye-opening statistics on the cost of wasting food. This one is from

If we all stop wasting food that could have been eaten, the CO2 impact would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 5 cars off the road.


My food waste created a fair amount of methane gas this week, but there’s the possiblity of doing better next week.

How do you reduce your food waste? Share your wisdom/experience in a Comment.


  1. I don’t like cantaloupe very much, which is strange because I’m a big fruit lover. Our CSA box has given us a lot of cantaloupe this year, and I have to say it’s really delicious. I’m working on less than 1/4 of one right now…

    Kristen’s right- at least most of your waste is compostable…

  2. I cannot say that I worry so much about the methane gas issue of food wastage…I worry more about the money issue of it.
    It drives me crazy to throw out leftovers… so tonight we are having biscut bites filled with taco meat, beans and potatoes.
    I think I will be glad when the boys hit their growth spurts and clean out the fridge more! ha ha.
    I take all almost bad veggies and puree them and freeze them to throw in soup later.
    When the grapes are looking iffy I pick of the better ones and freeze those too. The boys eat them straight and I use them for ice for wine. looks nice too.

  3. Hi,

    I read that you had thrown away old yoghurt. Now, I do not know about yoghurt expiry cuz I make yoghurt at home ( which is how it is done in India traditionally anyway).

    But yoghurt made over two weeks ago ( perhaps considered as expired variety ) can be reused even though it would be very sour to taste ( and perhaps have bubbles in them ).

    There are some Indian recipes that ask for sour yoghurt ( or curd as we call them )

    1. Rava Idli
    2. Traditional Karnataka Rotti
    3. Any bread recipe that would taste great with a sour yoghurt flavor.
    4. Majige-hulli ( which is like an indian lentil dal made with sour left over yoghurt)

    All of these dishes include sour yoghurt that would later be cooked on the stove top – hence, I believe they can be used.. Just making a suggestion.

    Of course, I make yoghurt at home and I usually have no problem using it , I do not know if store bought yoghurt has preservatives and it can be used after expiry though…

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