No Impact Man, the movie

Is it possible to have a good life without wasting so much? Writer Colin Beavan explores this idea in a new documentary called No Impact Man

I was surprised and excited to see a No Impact Man trailer at the theater this weekend (I gave my daughter a high-five after the trailer). Is living a no impact life going main stream? 

No meat, no fish, no electricity, no cosmetics, no heat, no tv, no transportation (they live in NYC), no elevators, no disposable containers, no toilet paper… for a year. Does this sound too extreme? I was on board until the no toilet paper bit, and then I got a little squeamish.

Beyond the environmental benefits, Colin described his project as:

  • The year I lost 20 pounds without going to the gym once.
  • The year we didn’t watch tv and we became much better parents as a result. 
  • Or the year we ate locally and seasonally, and it ended up reversing my wife’s pre-diabetic condition.

I love stories with unexpected results like this – I set out to consume less and became a better parent. 

No Impact Man probably won’t inspire people to give up toilet paper, but it may inspire people to eat local produce, walk more, live closer to their jobs, avoid disposable products, start a garden, buy used things, eat less meat…

And who knows what unexpected results could happen from a few consumption cutbacks?

No Impact Man trailer

Bravo, Colin! I can’t wait to see No Impact Man in September. Until then, I’ll keep reading Colin’s awesome blog by the same name: No Impact Man. And await the No Impact Man book.


6 thoughts on “No Impact Man, the movie

  1. A frugal movie – who would’ve guessed? The family, especially the mother, seem quirky and funny. I think he’s going a bit far though by not taking elevators or using electricity at all. You’ll have to leave your review after you see it :)

  2. I remember reading about this guy a few months ago, though I didn’t realize he gave up toilet paper and electricity! (how does he run his laptop?)

    Looks like a good movie. Why don’t we plan a meetup and invite our readers to go together?

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