Food waste: Journal your way to results

Keeping a journal improves performance. 

What do you want to improve? Your eating habits? Your exercise regime? How about the amount of food you waste?

Keeping a journal helps you reach your goals. Before I joined Kristen’s food waste brigade, I easily wasted 25% of the food I bought. I just did. I over bought, forgot about things in the fridge and purchased things that no one ultimately ate.

14 weeks later, I see improvement.

Here’s what I have this week:


Pears– Too much: I got these in my CSA box and summer fruits got eaten instead. 
CherriesToo much: Cherry burnout.

Not bad. It’s a little sad for me to waste fruit when smoothies and juice are possible.

Want to improve something in your life? Set a goal and journal your way to results.


5 thoughts on “Food waste: Journal your way to results

  1. Yes, that is a big improvement. That’s similar to what I’ve experienced.

    But I can’t imagine “cherry burnout!” They’re my favorite and every year I feel I haven’t gotten enough of them.

    I’m off to the Farmer’s Market for my addiction: fresh peaches…

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