Stupid plastic products: The Cooler Dry

There are zillions of plastic products swirling around in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as our North Pacific Ocean

Today I stumbled upon a plastic product called Cooler Dry. Cooler Dry is a piece of plastic you can use to prop open your cooler so that it can dry. The TV spot for Cooler Dry includes marketing drivel like:

“Don’t flip your cooler over, cluttering up your driveway, sidewalk or deck. It’s hard on the hinges. And shortens the life of your cooler.”

Marketing attempts to sell products by solving customer’s problems, even problems that don’t exist. I’ve never been bothered by a cooler drying on my driveway. Should I be? My cooler is completely plastic; no metal hinges that could possibly wear out.

How much for Cooler Dry?

I’m glad you asked! $7.45 for 1 or $14.95 for 3. What a deal!

Well, I’m not buying Cooler Dry and many other plastic products.

There is so much plastic in our world. You could write a blog about our overconsumption of plastic. Oh wait, that’s already being done nicely by Fake Plastic FishLife Less Plastic, and many others. But I must say, the more the merrier. Otherwise, I’m afraid all of our oceans will become swirling plastic garbage patches. 

Just say no to plastic. What plastic product can you eliminate from your life?


3 thoughts on “Stupid plastic products: The Cooler Dry

  1. Agree 100%. There is way too much plastic trash accumulating in our landfill, streams, parks, roadway etc. We need to work on more education and awareness among consumers of ALL ages. Clean Conscience is about reclaiming plastic waste, in our case – water and soda bottles. We have created a line of fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, that we use for casual and grocery reusable bags as well as applications for aprons, napkins and tablecloth. More recycling and more up-cycling into new and useable goods will help offset our landfill footprint. Our goods are made in the USA, so we are using our trash and our labor. We are cleaning up so you can have a clean conscience.

  2. Nice to point all of this out. I’d like to focus on it more, but it’s so depressing and just angers me. Not that I’ve stopped caring, though. One battle at a time.

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