Lightly effervescent Vinho Verde

My blogging friend Angela Barton over at My Year Without Spending has a great series called Wine Finds; delicious wines for under $10. Her series inspired me to share this inexpensive white wine with you.

I’m not a wine expert, but I found Fâmega Vinho Verde White to be the perfect wine for a hot summer day (a 106 degree day to be exact).


This nearly colorless white wine is crisp, refreshing, slightly sparkly and a bit fruity. But which fruit? It seems that the critics have different opinions. Is it…

apple tartness
peach and citrus

Unfortunately my taste buds cannot discern the delicate fruit flavor, except to say that it’s yummy.

Vinho Verde (Veen-yo Vehrd) is a Portuguese white wine. The name Vinho Verde means “Green Wine”, in reference not to its color but its youthful freshness. If you can’t find Fâmega Vinho Verde White, don’t despair. Try a different Vinho Verde wine. Many brands of Vinho Verde are inexpensive; typically less than $10, sometimes as low as $5.

What’s your favorite summer wine?

Sidenote: What do you call the diacritic over the a in Fâmega? A wedge, a triangle, a hat? It’s officially called a caron or hacek, but I like hat. There, that should improve your Jeopardy prowess.


  1. Thanks Kate. Will be on the look out for this one. I purchased a yummy wine last week from Sprouts, Gato Negro Sauvignon Blanc. A crisp Chilean wine with a tropical blend and smart finish. Perfect for these hot summer nights. Best part…on sale for 3 for $10.00 and with the Sprouts recyclable wine tote and additional 10% off of six wines. Six wines for $18.00 is music to my pocketbook.

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