Organic weed killer

I like to dig. However, I’ve been procrastinating weeding my full sun parking area. Til one evening, my excuses went on vacation and I got to work.


I remove weeds the old-fashioned chemical-free way; with a tool or my bare hands. In a world of quick fixes called weed killers, my approach may seem slow or old-fashioned.


Why not just grab a bottle and squirt? Because chemicals that go into the earth don’t magically disappear. They linger and make their way into our ground water. Also weed killers only kill weeds, they don’t remove them. Since I have to remove the weeds, I might as well kill and remove them in one swoop. 

I took a before picture of a small area, thinking I would just do a little bit.


I got carried away and weeded the whole parking strip (40 ft). Now I wish I had photographed the really ugly part – dandelion city. Oh well, trust me it was bad – just ask my neighbors.

And now? It’s beautimus (for a parking area). I killed weeds with a shovel, rake and my hands. Who needs a gym when you have a garden?


And as an added bonus, I slept well. I highly recommend organic or natural weed killing.

Organic weed killer: it’s good for you, our environment and your wallet.

How about you? Do you enjoy working out in your yard?


  1. Hi Kate good for you doing your weeding the way you did it. It really is the best, a shovel gets roots and all. I do not have a garden that gets a lot of weeds, the grass does. I dug out some early this week, but it is too hot hot to work outside.

    but take it easy in this heat. Irene

  2. Do I spot the tie-dye shirt your daughter made for you?

    I haven’t quite learned to love to weed, but I definitely won’t use the chemicals. I’m planting a lot of ground cover, but sometimes the weeds still poke up, especially after a lot of rain.

  3. Nope, this tie dye is a home brew – but not the one my daughter made. I have a lot of tie dye shirts.

    Ground cover definitely helps. Bare dirt is an open invitation for weeds…

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