Food waste: Going on vacation

Another week, another pile of food waste. This week my pile is larger than I’d like, which might be due to house guests or my vacation – and then again, I might just be slackin’ this week.

This week I realized that my pre-vacation activities changed because I’m tracking my food waste. Previously when I went on vacation I would just go on vacation. I never peeked in the fridge. Why would I? I’m going on vacation.

Fast forward to today, before my last vacation. I looked in my fridge for things I could freeze, cook and freeze or eat. My breakfast before heading to the airport was two tomatoes that were about to spoil. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by this. Documenting my family’s food waste continues to surprise me. 

Here’s my pile this week:

Aerial view helps make the pile look smaller

Cherries– Possibly bad: My daughter had a gastro issue after eating these and I didn’t want to chance it. 
ChardToo much: So many greens, so little time.
PastaToo much: Made too much.
OnionForgotten: Found lurking in the back of the fridge.

Need some tips? This week I stumbled on a great food waste post at Small Notebook: 20 Tips to Waste Less Food. Here are a couple ideas that were new to me:

Leftover wine can be frozen in ice cube trays, and then later added to simmering meat dishes or spaghetti sauce. Or if you have an abundance of lemons and limes you can squeeze the juice into ice cub trays and freeze.

Do you have food waste tips, tricks or stories? Post a Comment.


  1. It’s great to put these new habits into place. I usually check my fridge about 3 days before we go away and we all have to eat up what’s in there. It means there’s a bit more spending money on holiday too!

    Well done Kate, this was a good week :) It was a new tip for me about the lemon and lime juice too, But left over wine is wishful thinking ….

  2. You can freeze cooked pasta!! In fact, I always cook double the amount of pasta I want so I can freeze half and then all I have to do is thaw it and use it.

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