Coldplay and eBay

Coldplay and eBay team up for… nothing actually, just a clever title and the subject of this blog.


You can get a taste of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida tour with a free album download: Left Right Left Right Left. I’m typically not a big ‘live album person,’ but this Coldplay album is exceptional (full disclosure: I did see the Viva La Vida tour so I may be biased).


News teaser: Craigslist and Freecycle wreak havoc on eBay’s profits

Sounds plausible, but I made it up. However, it is true that eBay dropped their listing fees for five auctions every 30 days.


This sounds like a great incentive to declutter.

5 steps to feeling lighter:

  1. Find a box
  2. Find something you no longer want/use
  3. Photograph it
  4. List it on eBay
  5. Put said item in the box and ship it

Ah, don’t you feel lighter? Next time you spy an empty box, think what can I ship in this?

Oy, eBay makes me crazy! No problem. You can still declutter and give things away. No time? Try this: 10 minute decluttering. Every little bit helps.

Embarrassing side note: I found a crib sheet this week in my hall closet. My youngest is almost 9. Ouch!

Have you recently found something you didn’t know you had? Any crib sheets lurking about? Please leave a Comment.

Frugality tip: Listen to your free Coldplay album while decluttering. Coldplay and eBay go together.


  1. Hi Kate, clutter is something that we all have and I am very clutter over cluttered, I am trying to get rid of some things, Karen is going to take them to the Desert Industries for me. It sure is haard to keep ahead of the clutter.

    I enjoyed the salads frugal, and thanks for the using red cabbage I have never had it to cook but will use it in a salad. Your salads look just delicious and I am going to copy what was in them from the pictures thanks.

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