Too much convenience

Any food can be made more convenient these days, even food that isn’t really inconvenient. Take for instance a hard boiled egg.    


Have you experienced the inconvenience of hard boiling eggs? The 10-minute wait. The laborious peeling? Well, no more. Now you can buy boiled eggs in a plastic bag.


This product makes me think of Wall-E; a future world where chewing and physical activity have been eliminated. Wall-E people don’t chew, but rather slurp food from Big Gulp cups. When I see pre-cooked, pre-peeled eggs, I wonder if pre-chewed food is coming soon. After all it sure would be convenient. Think of all the time you could save.

Sarcasm aside, I think most people would agree that convenience foods are rarely good for you, your wallet or our environment – but somehow convenience foods persist. Sigh.

Why not slow down; boil some eggs, peel them and chew them yourself.

Keep it simple.

Have you seen silly convenient food? Peanut butter and jelly in a single jar? Tap water in a plastic bottle? Please leave a Comment.

I stumbled upon this blog idea at The verdict on pre-cooked hard boiled eggstoo rubbery.


7 thoughts on “Too much convenience

  1. Hi Kate this was a fun blog, I have not come across the pre cooked eggs but will look when I am in the market, I agree they would not taste so good, whats to boil an egg, if that takes so much time for anyone, how do they do any cooking.


  2. There are other foods that we take for granted that are also simply convenience foods. How about mayonnaise? This morning, I was taking out some sandwich making equipment for my husband, and though, “oh no! i forgot to get/make mayo!” so I pulled out the stick blender and made homemade mayo – in 5 minutes. Mind you, I was also on my way out the door to work. 5 minutes for the most delicious mayo you’ll ever have? Makes bottled mayo sound “silly”! ^_^

  3. Jessie- I recently started making my own mayo too! I couldn’t believe how easy it was, and I do it with a blender rather than the recommended food processor.

    It tastes so much better, and the best part is we’re not eating all the dubious ingredients that make it last so long in the fridge.

  4. I just saw an ad for gallon sized pre-made iced tea in the latest Living magazine. People can’t take 2 minutes and throw boiling water over tea bags anymore?! Or make sun tea, this time of year? Pretty lazy, I think. Funny, too, that the ad is in a magazine geared at those who supposedly cook.

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