Food waste: What gets wasted

The thing that I waste most often is produce; I get something in my CSA box that I’m never in the mood for, like say cabbage.

The item that I waste most often is lettuce. The fridge life of lettuce is relatively short and the purpose is rather singular: salad. Spinach seems to fair better at my house. I can chop up spinach and add it to omelets or stir frys. That said, my food waste pile includes spinach this week. Oops.


Cabbage – Very limited demand: CSA box item. Cabbage recipes anyone?
SpinachToo much: Too many greens.

Why track food waste? Tracking food waste helps you change your buying habits. If something is repeatedly in the food waste pile, you can consider:

a.  Not buying that item
b.  Developing a better strategy for using it

How about you? What food item do you waste the most? Please leave a Comment.


  1. Good job- not much waste.
    I actually love red cabbage, but that’s probably pretty rare. I have a great saute recipe that includes red wine vinegar, mustard seeds, and a few other things. It’s incredibly easy- just slice thinly and saute with a few things. It’s great with any kind of sausage or meat. Or by itself. I’ll send you the recipe if you’re interested.
    In summer, I would chop and add to a salad.

  2. I tried cabbage rolls this week but WAS NOT a fan. There WAS a recipe though on All Recipes for a cabbage roll casserole that cooked for less time in the oven. I also shred cabbage and use it on fish tacos or Ina Garten has a really good coleslaw dressing with stuff I usually have in the pantry. Hope that helps!

  3. Lettuce. Lettuce lettuce lettuce. I don’t reaaaaally like salad that much; I’d rather have cooked greens. Like you said if there’s a bit of getting-old spinach its easy to toss into eggs or something. But salad greens aren’t great unless they’re fresh.

    I like cabbage a lot, but I have a hard time using it…one cabbage never seems to end! I usually make slaw with some sort of vinegar-based dressing, or stirfry it with mustard seed or fennel or cumin or hot pepper flakes or some combination of the above.

  4. Cabbage is one of our faves. Last night we had Bacon Cabbage stir-fry. Fry up some cut-up bacon until brown, then throw in sliced cabbage and let it wilt. Meanwhile, boil up some egg noodles and throw them in the pan to brown while the cabbage is frying. Salt & pepper generously. Yum!!

    Or cut wedges of cabbage, top with pats of butter, a sprinkle of salt & pepper…then wrap into foil and grill on the BBQ for 30-40 minutes. Great side dish for grilled steaks or burgers!

  5. Thanks everyone for the cabbage ideas! Last night I ate cabbage. Here’s the salad I made:

    Chop up:

    fresh basil
    fresh mozzarella
    purple cabbage

    The cabbage was critical – it gave it a nice crunch.
    The dressing: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper

  6. Hi Kate I like cabbage, I find if I am not cooking a piece of corned beef, to which I always put in some cabbage , I just cut up small chuncks of cabbage and put it in the microwave, till cooked and add butter it is delicious, to me anyhow.

    I usually have always made cole slaw, its great also.

  7. Bananas. I am very picky about my bananas. They have to be just right – not too brown, not too green. I tend to only buy a couple and even then, often eat only one and throw the other (spotted ones) away.
    P.S. So nice to find your blog!

  8. Tara- Great idea about the wedge on the bbq! I do that with a lot of veggies- and especially with sweet potatoes and regular potatoes- yum.

    Emma- You never need to throw away any bananas if you peel them and break into chunks and freeze for smoothies. Then you always have them on hand.

  9. You can use cabbage to make a chinese chicken salad with rammen noodles, or make colcannon potatoes with it…yummy.

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