Food waste: What doesn’t get wasted

This week I got to thinking about what food doesn’t get wasted in my house. 

I don’t waste:

  • Yogurt, milk, butter, cheese, ice cream

Oh no, my dear friend dairy is prominent. What else?

  • Cereal
  • Eggs
  • Mango
  • A crisp organic apple
  • Blueberries – we’re true Pacific Northwest folks
  • Peanut butter
  • Nuts

When I reflect on what doesn’t get wasted, I end up with a list of favorites. Which leads me to a rather obvious conclusion – favorites are not wasted. Want to waste less? Just buy your favorites… in moderation. Ah yes, everything in moderation.

This week I was OOT (out of town) a few days, but sadly that doesn’t mean no food waste. Nope, I managed to forage in my cavernous fridge and find some dead food. 


  • Droopy, slimy spinach
  • A few tortillas going green
  • Cream (I thought I liked cream in my coffee, but I don’t)

How about you? What doesn’t get wasted at your house? Please leave a Comment.


3 thoughts on “Food waste: What doesn’t get wasted

  1. Single guy. Things that you can’t buy to eat in one meal. You can’t buy lettuces, cabbage, in the one meal size.
    Did you ever try to cook dry beans, pasta, chili or stew for one? Can’t be done by me!

  2. Brilliant – the simple things are the best aren’t they? Just buy the things you love!

    Thanks for the insight. I’m thinking now about our favourites – butter, eggs, cheese, yogurt, apples, cereals etc. Really thought provoking. I do find that when I get stuff I think my daughter will like, she ends up wasting a lot of it.

    perhaps I should just listen more and give her more of what she likes!

  3. We don’t waste dairy either. I don’t think I’ve ever let ice cream go bad!

    But then again, buying only dairy probably isn’t a good idea.

    You make a good point, though. I think we waste a lot of what we think we SHOULD eat. And that should be purchased in smaller quantities, or not at all if we really don’t like it. If you’re buying something only because it’s good for you, find a substitute.

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