Food waste: Is it still good?

Yesterday, we had a is it still good? moment. My younger daughter wanted chocolate with her vanilla ice cream. I told her we might have some chocolate syrup. My older daughter was highly skeptical; “Mom, that syrup is old.”

To which I replied, “Yes, but it still might be good. When we get home, we can check Still Tasty dot com.”

Eager for chocolate, my younger daughter asked me to ‘check the computer’ when we got home. My older daughter thought I was kidding about Still Tasty dot com, but I wasn’t. Still Tasty is an amazing food advisor. No longer do you need to wonder if a food item is still good, or should I say still tasty.


For chocolate syrup – Still Tasty advises a year in the fridge, and if the syrup develops an off odor, flavor or appearance… discard. I took this to mean that you can go beyond a year, as long as it passes a sniff and taste test. My youngest eagerly performed the test. Hmm. Maybe I should have been the tester. Oh well, she seems mostly OK today.

So the next time you’re thinking, eat it or pitch it? – check Still Tasty. Of course, the ol’ sniff and taste test works too.

OK, so here’s my food waste for the week.


Why, it’s a bowl full of miscellaneous produce.

At the bottom there are six chunks of cantaloupe hiding. Next there’s some lettuce, an apple and some cilantro on top.

Cilantro? I’ve never frozen fresh herbs. I suppose the texture would be funky, but OK for soup or a saute. Right? What do you do with herbs that are nearing expiration? Please add a comment.


3 thoughts on “Food waste: Is it still good?

  1. I freeze chopped herbs in ice cube trays or in butter. Then add the frozen chunks to a soup or stew near the end of cooking time. With the butter I put a chunk onto cooked potatoes of vegetables – it tastes fine!

    The other thing is to dry them and then you can use them as you would use other dried herbs or make teas from them

  2. Most herbs I dry. Wash, pat dry, remove from stems (this is optional but helpful), spread on a tray, put in oven with light on (no heat) till dry.

    Some herbs, though, don’t dry well. Cilantro is one of these. I might mince it and submerge in oil, to use as a dressing or in a variation of pesto. Or saute and freeze, as suggested above. As you say it defrosts to an unpleasant texture but is fine in soups, sauces, and compound butter on meat or veg.

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