Food waste: I waste apples

I don’t bite into whole apples. Instead I use a knife and quickly cut around the core. A few weeks ago, my Dad was visiting and he watched me cut up an apple. Just before I popped the core into my compost bin, he said “Gimme that.” So I did dutifully. He took the squared off core and carefully nibbled all around it, eating what I almost discarded.

I smiled. It’s true – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And I still have a few things to learn from my frugal Dad.

I have a confession to make. I’ve been wasting apples – little bits of apple. What else did I waste this week? Let’s take a look…


Line by line description with categories.

Limes – Forgotten: I haven’t been using my juicer. Found these little guys hiding in the back of my fridge.
Pasta with chicken bits  – Too much: Pouring in the rest of the pasta box was not a good idea. It’s best to measure pasta. Even though pasta is cheap and abundant, I still shouldn’t waste it.

Since the apple core experience, I’ve been nibbling on apple cores. I haven’t been nibbling down to the core as expertly as my Dad did, but I’m nibbling more than before. I’m always happy to see improvement in life. Yes, I’m a happy little nibbler.

How about you? Are you a happy little nibbler? Are you eating what you used to discard? Please share in a Comment.


7 thoughts on “Food waste: I waste apples

  1. I am an apple waster too! It all started 30 years ago when I got braces. I never have gone back to biting into things, but I will try to eat my apple corners from now on.

  2. I don’t eat apple cores, but my Grandmother used to and all that would remain would be the stalk – it was amazing to watch her!

    I hear you on the pasta; that’s the one thing that should always be measured; I invariably end up cooking too much – thanks for the reminder! And well done on a good week :)

  3. Hi nibbler, I have started to eat apples a different way, what I do is peel the apple and and cut it in slices not to thin and put it in a baggie put a slice of lemon with it. It does not go brown. I find I don’t waste it so much now and in another bag I cube some cheese. It gives me a snack just by opening the fridge all ready to eat.

    One time I had some apples left so I put them in a small pan in the oven and some cinnamon them and baked them for a while. no waste and good to have.


  4. I thought those limes were kiwis, they were so brown! lol

    Usually when I waste food, it’s because it got lost in the back of the fridge like your limes did.

  5. Since getting a worm bin, I don’t consider those apple peels a waste. The worm bin has changed my eating habits in other ways, too.

    If something isn’t good to put into the worm bin, I re-evaluate if it’s good for me. Those potato chips, that meat…not good for the wormies, and not so good for me either, so I’ve reduced my intake of food items the worms don’t compost well.

    I love the sliced apples with the slice of lemon. I got a great apple cutter that makes six slices and takes out the core. I then squeeze lemon juice into the baggie (which I wash and re-use). This gives the apple slices a tangy taste I love–and kids do too.

    I no longer clean my plate (as my mother so conscientiously urged), but scrap leftovers into the covered food waste container on my counter. That goes as needed into the worm bin–so I don’t feel I’m wasting food, but that I’m creating great soil. And I’m losing weight.

    I’m no longer a consumer but a producer. Such freedom in that.

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