Food waste: The great lapse

Forgive me Readers for I have lapsed. I rolled off the food waste bandwagon and landed squarely on my head. But don’t worry, my head is mostly alright and my food waste is below average. Oh, and I made a few observations while rolling around. But first, here’s my food waste this week:


Line by line description with categories.

Rhubarb – Limited demand: CSA box. What do you do with rhubarb other then strawberry rhubarb cobbler?
QuinoaToo much: Didn’t get to this last bit.
TempehDidn’t sound good: Stir fry leftover that was passed over several times.

My observations after the great lapse:

I waste less food when I’m tracking my food waste.

No real surprise. When I have a goal, I’m more accountable and I see better results. I challenge myself to do better each week.

I eat things that need to be eaten when I’m tracking my food waste.

This week I ate leftover pasta that I didn’t really want to eat. It was a pesto creation of mine that was bland-o-rific. Next time I’ll use a recipe instead of winging it and I won’t substitute slivered almonds for pine nuts. Clearly all nuts are the not the same. Lesson learned. The odd thing is that my bland pesto creation was better the second time around. The mild flavor grew stronger in the fridge.

I’m more motivated when I’m tracking my food waste.

More motivated – less lazy. However, you want to spin it. More motivated sounds good. For example, I had five overripe bananas. Five. I decided to make muffins, but then I had three bananas left. I thought, oh I’ll use those bananas later. Then I thought, do it now. (I’ve been burned many times by my I’ll do it later thinking). It took 10 minutes to make a loaf of banana bread. If I wasn’t tracking food waste, a few bananas might have slipped into my compost bin.

Have you reduced your food waste? How? Share your tips and tricks in a Comment.


6 thoughts on “Food waste: The great lapse

  1. I had a terrible week! Lots of leftovers we couldn’t get to, or didn’t want to keep eating. The long and short of it was: too much food!

    But about the bananas- you NEVER need to throw away bananas. If you don’t use them for banana bread or muffins, peel them and break into 3 or 4 chunks and put into a plastic bag in the freezer. they make the best smoothies. As long as you eat a couple of smoothies a week, you’ll never throw away a banana again. My favorite smoothie is frozen banana pieces, almond milk, protein powder, flaxseed, and borage oil (optional).

    • I need to get out my blender more. Thanks for the nudge. Peeling and chunking up the bananna before freezing is key. Makes it super simple to use. Thanks Angela!

  2. You can cut up your extra rhubarb and put it in the freezer so that you can make strawberry rhubarb cobbler in the fall when there is no rhubarb.

  3. Ah, all that resonates with me, esp. the part about being more motivated when you’re tracking it. I’ve soldiered through so many almost-gone-bad foods because of my Food Waste Fridays!

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